How are patient's personal information protected?

We know that the patient's privacy is our top priority and created Lepius with keeping that in mind. We take patient's privacy very seriously and have worked on tools to reflect it.

You can check the user's name, work, and other information in Lepius profile. However, you will have to remove any details identifying the patient's information (e.g. face). Click here to see more.

  1. Warning through automatic text recognition system of address, name, etc.
  2. Warning facial exposure through a facial recognition system
  3. Image blur tool and editing tool

When cases are uploaded, the medical staff and the Lepius Admins will review each case to ensure that all information identifying the patient has been removed before they appear on Lepius.

If it's considered that it contains information that can identify the patient, Lepius will immediately and securely remove it and notify the Medical Professionals who uploaded the case accordingly.

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