Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 2021

2020 was full of medical disasters.

The humanity finally admitted the fact that we are still not ready to handle this, that we have been so arrogant, still so over-confident about our health care systems.

However, it also taught us an important lesson: Our medical communication must change too, like other parts of the world. This was our conclusion watching how we failed at stopping the disease and contact-free communication changed our daily lives.

We should open up and gather more online. We should share medical idea and experience as much as we can, in a more open system. Our medical knowledges need to be more democritized. We must think together to prevent and fight with this situation.

We believe 2021 will be the year we start changing how physicians around the world communicate. And this case sharing platform is our first step for this mission.

Happy 2021.