Update Notice - You can blur images on search results & newsfeed.

Dec 3, 2020

We announce you a new update on Lepius: Image Blur

What is "image blur"?

It just does what it says. It blurs images.

But what images does it blur and why?

It blurs the thumbnail/preview images on the search results, newsfeed, and any other "list" that you can encounter any kind of cases. However, not all images are blurred. Our deep learning algorithms classify what to blur or not.

Then, how do we decide what to blur? It only blurs the images we think can be sensitive, or even "gruesome" to some people. Of course to most of the doctors on Lepius, it's not a big problem. They are what you study and seek for on Lepius. It's what you deal with everyday life.

But, really? There are still so many physicians who don't encounter patient's physical truma, lesions or surgery scene, and they might find it really uncomfortable. Of course you can turn off this option any time or view detailed case to see the original images.

Contact us if you want to know more about this feature.