Update Notice - New features for detailed profile information

Nov 1, 2020


We just made an update for more detailed profile setting features.

Now you can fill in your skills & expertise, medical school information, where you did your residency training and fellowship, and what hospitals you have worked so far.

Why put this information on your profile? Because,

  • It will help you find other physicians on Lepius who have same interest, who worked together with you, and who studied with you.
  • You can be more convincing to others when you share medical cases and participate in discussions.
  • More people will find you easily when they joined Lepius.

So basically, it will make your experience on Lepius more fun.

However, there are some apps that gathers your information and fill it in even before you do. Then why aren't we doing this? Because we believe it's users' choice what information to share.

You are the owner of your own information and we don't want to break that rule.

Please give us any feedback if you find difficulties or bugs on the service.

Thank you ! 🙂