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A 47-year-old Hispanic man arrived at


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COVID 19 with cutaneous vasculopathy legion.


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Renal failure on COVID-19 patient

Renal failure on COVID-19 patient
Emergency Medicine

A 54 year old woman with chronic hypertension and type II diabetes mellitus arrived at the ER with acute renal failure and 7 day history of dry cough, shortness of breath, hypoxia and fever with chills. The results of a PCR test for SARS-CoV2 performed were positive. Blood analysis showed elevated D-dimer. She was hospitalized to ICU and placed on mechanical ventilation, started dose of azithromycin at 500mg daily and enoxaparin 80mg every 12 hour along with renal dialysis and other supportive measures for renal protection. She was extubated on day 9.






Lab tests

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Genovese G

Renal failure with COVID-19 can be seriously dangerous. I had similar patients. Renal dialysis and supportive measures seem to be crucial.

Vanessa Banks Gonzales
General Surgery Resident

Azithromycin and enoxaparin were worked on my case too.

Jan-Willem Sels

I would like to know about the progress afterward. Please share us.

Other similar services are consumable, one-time posting services. But here, I post it more carefully since it feels like I can contribute more to the community.

Dr. Paula Cabrera, Radiologist

What doctors are saying

Posting cases on Lepius and contributing to the community became my new hobby.

Xia YukikoDoctor of Osteopathy

Lepius is a service where doctors over the world can gather and sort out (solve) the imbalance of medical information.

Stephan VinogradovDoctor of Osteopathy

One of the most significant advantages of Lepius is that many different cases are classified and sorted out in detailed criteria.

Adrianna RolfMedical Doctor

It takes a lot of energy to publish a case study research paper. On the other hand, some cases are worth studying rather than publishing. We need a service to share our cases without any burden, and Lepius is the perfect fit for it.

Sonya ZaytsevaMedical Doctor

I always recommend Lepius to my colleagues. Discussing a shared case became my morning routine.

Jaqueline KimMedical Doctor

When attempting to try a new treatment, I try to get advice from my Lepius followers.

Yordan ReenaMedical Doctor

I look up Lepius when I don't know what to say in front of my patient.

Gavin JonesMedical Doctor

I recently moved to was a new hospital, so there were no existing patients. When finding similar cases, Lepius helped me a lot.

Viktoriya BlinkouskiDoctor of Osteopathy

The opinion of another person with a verified identity is more reliable rather than an anonymous one. This is one of the greatest strengths of Lepius among all other medical communities.

Andres ElisoMedical Doctor

Other similar services are consumable, one-time posting services. But here, I post it more carefully since it feels like I can contribute more to the community.

Paula CabreraMedical Doctor

No doctor can respond to all emergency cases. That applies the same to me. When the decision was a bit ambiguous, it became my daily routine to quickly search my cases up on Lepius.

Ranjit GangulyMedical Doctor

I can quickly search up cases to reference with my busy schedule.

Nanami HasegawaDoctor of Osteopathy

Lepius is an innovative platform that connects healthcare professionals more effectively.

Qiu HuanMedical Doctor

I'm currently working overseas, so I don't have any colleagues to discuss the patients. I usually post my cases on Lepius and get help in a short amount of time.

Jiwoo KimMedical Doctor

There are a lot more cases in the EHR, but it's so complicated that we can't search up or deal with it one by one. So I usually use Lepius.

Meili ZhengMedical Doctor

In case you

What happens when I publish my case?

Your case will appear on your profile and can be read by any doctors who follow you. Your case can be searched by Lepius own search tool. Learn more about the search feature. Your case will be displayed on the Homepage of users who follow you, in the most recent order.

How will my case be used when I share it in Lepius?

When you share a case on Lepius, all users of Lepius can view and comment on your case. Also, the link of your case may be shared to other user's email or social media.

How do you handle Patient Consent?

A patient's consent form must be completed in cases where the patient can be individually identifiable. We plan to provide users with a printable consent form or mobile singing form regarding their personal information.

How will you handle photos with patient's personal information when posting a case?

When posting a case, do not include images of the patient's personal information or face. Lepius is preparing a service to prevent such cases and make it easier for you to write a case. • Warning through automatic text recognition system of address, name, etc. • Warning facial exposure through automatic facial recognition system • Image blur tool and editing tool

Will sharing cases infringe personal information?

Unlike clinical data, cases posted on Lepius do not contain the patient's personal information. It is a document processed by a doctor with only a minimal amount of information regarding a patient's symptoms, disease, sex, and age. If a case contains the patient's personal information, it will be deleted immediately by the Lepius Admins. If the case includes information which a patient may be identifiable, the patient consent form must be filled out by following the instructions below. For more information, check Lepius Rules and Policies.

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