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Share your clinical cases and talk freely with thousands of doctors. Connect with the experts who have the same expertise as mine.

Lepius offers the doctors a new way to interact.

Lepius is a service that allows everyone with a medical degree to join. With thousands of verified doctors, you'll be able to follow, share clinical cases, and discuss.

Now that meetings between doctors have declined due to COVID-19, I could confirm that more efficient and faster communication is possible through Lepius. Follow brilliant doctors in my field of expertise, share unusual cases, and seek opinions on cases you don't know in detail. It has been my daily routine to engage in productive interactions.

When the new forms of communications have proliferated, the distance between experts will become closer, and new changes are expected to form a new culture.

David Lee, MD, Ajou University Hospital

Network, connect, communicate.
That’s when medicine develops.


Freely discuss your thoughts about a clinical case. Ask for other opinions about the diagnosis or treatment from another doctor.
Jessica Ponda
I'd like to know if there were anything unusual about the patient's blood test results.

Follow each other.

Follow and receive the feeds from your colleagues who have similar major interests as you. Connect with the users you follow and get closer.
John Newman

Say hello.

Say hello through direct messaging. Talk directly right away and have more conversations. Featured soon.
How were you able to immediately decide the right treatment for your patient?
I judged by the lower abdominal pain and elevated ESR and platelets.


I'm spending more and more time here after getting close to other physicians on Lepius. It's a good way to expand your knowledge and network in the age of pandemic.

Dr. Joon Roh, Neurosurgeon

In case you
missed anything.

How can I communicate on Lepius?

You can follow other people and comment on other posts. Direct Messages and video call features will be available in the future.

Can members other than doctors join?

No, only certified MDs and DOs can join.

Can I send direct messages?

Although the direct messaging feature is not available yet, it will be available soon.

Can doctors from other countries participate?

Currently, only licensed doctors in the United States can participate. However, we are planning to expand the list of available countries soon.

How does doctor verification work?

Uploading your license and your ID will verify you as a doctor. Using different sources that we have, we can check your license. If not confirmed, additional materials will be required.

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