Life at Lepius

We bring physicians together to solve medical challenges.

Connecting physicians together

By connecting the physicians together, we help them communicate and share information much easier and faster.

Democratizing medical knowledge

We help doctors share their latest experiences and knowledge beyond the distance with our service.

Reducing Medical Inequality

We often think about ways to make individuals who suffer from a lack of medical care get better treatments. Reducing this inequality through our service is one of our ultimate goals.

3Leaders on the board
2020The year we started
500%Growth in 2020

How we started

Lepius project started in 2020. Due to COVID-19, most global medical conferences have stopped. We learned that we needed a tool for more effective and faster communication between the physicians. Then we decided to work on this project.

A word from our founder

Lepius is going to be a service that connects doctors all over the world. We will solve many medical issues in our lives step by step, with our service and technologies, starting from effective sharing of medical cases.

By bringing doctors closer together, we will be one step closer to overcome health care crisis.

Suhyun Lee, CEO of Lepius

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